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Police officer curses commander, 2 others over ‘wrongful’ interdiction


An interdicted Ghanaian police officer who recognizes himself as Yahya Osman, also known as Alhaji, conveyed a jug of schnapps, egg, and different things to a waterway side to summon curses on his commandant, a partner officer and another man, all of whose supposed trick prompted his ban.

In a video shared by Accra-put together Asaase Radio with respect to its Instagram page, the wronged officer is seen remaining by the stream shoeless prior to summoning the spirits of the gods of the local area.

Osman, who claims in the video to be a police officer at Asante Mampong in the Ashanti Region, affirmed that his leader, named Stephen Boadu, another officer, likewise just named Asare, as well as one Atta Gadhafi, had manufactured a misleading complaint against him, for which he has been interdicted.

As per him, he was wrongly blamed for managing in unlawful medications, Indian hemp and cocaine.

Osman bemoaned being without a task and relinquishing his compensation for the beyond 90 days following his ban. He implored the divine beings to manage the matter and defend himself.

He went further to challenge the divinities that inability to serve him equity and justify him would imply that they are not deserving of any worship.

The profound action was shot and transferred to online entertainment, and it has since been available for use.

A voice accepted to be that of the man behind the camera is heard inquiring as to whether he was prepared so he would begin the recording.


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