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Real Madrid is the best team in the world – FIFA president Gianni Infantino

Real Madrid is the best team in the world - FIFA president Gianni Infantino

At the recognition paid by the AFE (Association of Spanish Footbalelrs) to its previous president Angel Maria Villar, FIFA president Gianni Infantino, who had high applause for Real Madrid, was in participation, alongside current AFE president David Aganzo.

Likewise present were Enrique Cerezo, Emilio Butragueno, Angel Torres, Fernando Hierro, Vicente del Bosque, Javier Clemente, Jose Antonio Camacho, Emilio Garcia Silvero, Larrea, Miguel Torres and a significant number of the chiefs from Villar’s experience as president of the Federation.

The FIFA president, who was likewise present at the association’s gathering, was one of the people who talked at the accolade for the previous president of Spanish football. He featured the figure of Villar and the significance he had in the world of football.

In his discourse, Infantino additionally needed to feature the accomplishments of Real Madrid, who he depicted as “the best group in the world. I just expectation that one year they let different groups win something,” he said with a snicker.

Villar talked about the Champions League last at which he was available.

“I was blissful. I was simply one more fan. I endured,” said Villar.

“The players and the mentor were awesome. It’s difficult to dominate a game like that, however finals are won and played, I delighted in it a ton.

“Real Madrid are awesome.”

On the recognition and Luis Rubiales, he remarked: “I’m extremely cheerful. I was an extraordinary unionist. Rubiales? We should discuss blissful things like Real Madrid. I didn’t see the occurrences, yet anybody who works can commit errors”.

Gianni Infantino with David Aganzo at the AFE’s recognition for Villar, one of its organizers.

Real Madrid is the best team in the world - FIFA president Gianni Infantino

Memorable organizer behind the association, first class player for a really long time, the Spanish Footballers’ Association has honored Angel Maria Villar to perceive his figure as an athlete, yet in addition as a protector of the footballers’ system. He was one of the gutsy players who drove the notable first strike in Spanish football in 1979.

David Aganzo, as president of AFE, was the host of this accolade, which was gone to by significant ex-footballers and individuals near Angel Maria Villar. Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, was likewise in participation and needed to go with the ex-footballer on such a unique day for him. This cozy occasion, held in Madrid, was introduced by sports writer Roberto Gómez.

AFE was likewise addressed by Diego Rivas (general secretary), Javier López Mora-Gil (board part), Ruth Acedo (board part), Juanma Marrero (board part), Adrián González (board part), José Verdú ‘Toché’ (board part), José Antonio Camacho (board part), Fernando Zambrano (top of the Veteran Service Department) and Manuel Tello (delegate chief).

Agents of establishments and previous footballers who imparted numerous minutes to Ángel María Villar were likewise present. It merits featuring, among others,

the attendance of Vicente del Bosque, Iker Casillas, Javier Clemente, Fernando Hierro, Alejandro Blanco, Adelardo Rodríguez, Juan Manuel Asensi, Javier Irureta, Julio Alberto, Vicente Miera, Emilio Butragueño, Ramón Calderón, Ángel Torres, Gines Meléndez, Andoni Goikoetxea, Miguel Torres, Miguel Reina, Eugenio Leal, Enrique Cerezo, Diego Tristán, Pedro Jaro, Diego Rodríguez, José Luis Sánchez Barrios, Manolo Gallego, Clemente Villaverde, Javier Arizmendi, Patxi Bolaños, Jose María Movilla, Javier Gómez Navarro, Jorge Fernández, José Silvano, Antonio Escribano, Vicente Temprado, Juan Luis Larrea, Javier Lozano, Teodoro Nieto, Matilde García Duarte, Pedro Guillén, Jorge Vaquero, María José Claramunt, Manuel Vizcaíno, José Venancio, Carlo Cutropía, Dora de Pedro, Antonio Bustillo, Mariano Moreno, Eduard Dervishaj, Daniel Celemin, Ángel Martín, Gorka Villar, José Gallardo, Elías Benito, Luis Arnáiz, Luis Cano, Vicente Muñoz, Laurentzi Gana, Javier Palacios and Rocío Fernández.

“Holy messenger was a champion on the pitch, however significantly more so off it, battling for the footballers’ aggregate when they had no freedoms, when they were exposed to the unyielding fascism of the clubs at that point,” said David Aganzo.

“He left hard work on the pitch, however outside he acted with a similar fortitude, dauntlessness and assurance.”

Villar additionally talked, saying thanks to the ongoing president in his acknowledgment discourse.

“I get this accolade from AFE with euphoria and appreciation. I express gratitude toward David Aganzo and his top managerial staff for perceiving individuals who established the association. What’s more, I get it close to my own, kin I will continuously convey in my heart”, underscored Ángel María Villar, who truly said thanks to Gianni Infantino, “the most elevated portrayal of football at world level”, for his presence.

“At the point when we began, AFE was only a thought”, said Villar, that’s what who reviewed “we had numerous gatherings, we voyaged a lot…. We got a great deal of analysis since they thought it was a rich group’s association”. Furthermore, he featured the way that “it was the first class footballers who started to lead the pack”.

As far as it matters for him, Gianni Infantino depicted this recognition for an extraordinary individual as “fabulous and merited.”


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