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Revealed: Afenyo Markins joins Free Mason

Revealed: Afenyo Markins joins Free Mason

Attorney Afenyo Markins has joined the Freemasonry Grand Lodge in Ghana.

Photographs of the Effuttu MP in his freemason clothing have raised a ruckus around town, and Ghanaians have blended sentiments.

For the unenlightened, they affirm freely that the freemason development is an occultic association where blood is shed and human penances are made.

Others likewise support the way that Afenyo Markins has settled on the ideal decision by joining an association that will assist him with developing in a deep sense as a fine politician with the right philosophies instiled in him.

Awal Mohammed composed: So Afenyo Markin is an individual from Freemason? Eeeeeiiiiii.

However, leslie composed: Free Mason no be mysterious

Kondi composed: That’s the reason they’ll do anything for power. They can kill and they won’t be harmed.

Emmanuel composed: Nothing amiss with it. You pick your gathering you partner with in name of religion and social club inasmuch as its not unlawful.

Ghana’s Freemasonry history traces all the way back to the mid nineteenth century when the country’s most memorable Masonic cabin was laid out.

During the British pioneer time frame, European inhabitants carried the practice of Freemasonry to the Gold Coast and other Commonwealth domains.

Right now, Freemasonry is an enormous development in Ghana with noticeable characters like Otumfuor Osei Tutu II and previous President Kufuor being individuals.

In 2017, the United Grand Lodge of England composed, truth be told:

Congrats to Right Worshipful Brother, His Excellency John Kofi Agyekum Kufuor, PGSwdB, previous President of the Republic of Ghana, who has been designated Senior Grand Warden by the Grand Master, His Royal Highness, The Duke of Kent.

Attorney Afenyo Markins has joined the Freemasonry Grand Lodge in Ghana.


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