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Russia sentences US teacher to 14 years for cannabis smuggling

Russia sentences US teacher to 14 years for cannabis smuggling

A Russian court has condemned a previous US negotiator to 14 years in prison for “huge scope” weed carrying.

Marc Fogel had recently worked at the US consulate in Moscow, however was utilized as an English teacher in the city at the hour of his capture.

Fogel was condemned in the very locale that is hearing a pot related body of evidence against US ball star Brittney Griner.

Marijuana is lawful in many pieces of the US, yet stays unlawful in Russia.

“The American resident Fogel has been viewed as blameworthy,” a court in the Moscow suburb of Khimki said in a proclamation.

The news discharge said that the English teacher had committed “huge scope drugs pirating” notwithstanding “enormous scope unlawful capacity of medications without a business reason”.

Fogel, who is in his 60s, had around 17g (0.6oz) of pot in his gear when he was gotten on 15 August 2021 at Sheremetyevo air terminal, he told legal counselors.

Neighborhood specialists have not remarked on how much medications Fogel was conveying, yet Russian regulation characterizes a “huge sum” of pot to be something like 100g.

Fogel said a specialist had recommended the medication for clinical reasons after he had spinal medical procedure, and that he didn’t know clinical weed was unlawful in Russia.

He conceded to carrying, putting away, shipping, assembling and handling opiate drugs, as per Russia’s Interfax news office, and was condemned to serve his prison term at a greatest security corrective settlement.

As a feature of the examination, police delivered film of searches directed by specialists at the Anglo-American School in Moscow, where Fogel used to work.

His condemning comes two days after the Khimki court deferred the preliminary once more for Ms Griner.

The Phoenix Mercury star was confined last February for supposedly conveying weed oil into the country.

A few US residents are right now in Russian correctional facilities, including previous US Marine Paul Whelan, who was condemned in 2020 to serve 16 years for surveillance. The US additionally has a few Russian residents in prison.

In April, the two nations concurred a prisoner trade in which a previous US Marine was traded for a Russian pilot who had been imprisoned starting around 2010.


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