Home News Sad News : Thunder kills 17-year-old SHS student in Ho

Sad News : Thunder kills 17-year-old SHS student in Ho

Sad News : Thunder kills 17-year-old SHS student in Ho

According to myjoyonline.com, the incident occurred during a storm in the late significant length of Monday.

The news site reports that the two female buddies of the left who were moreover affected by the lightning are at present on affirmation at the Ho Teaching Hospital.

Dorli, who should be a coconut vender, a business he truly does after school hours and on closures of the week, was moving toward his everyday business when his miserable passing occurred.

His mother depicted that her youngster was selling coconuts at his common spot after school while she was working, just to be called later and informed about his dazzling end.

It is said that, per custom, the withdrew’s cadaver needs to remain where he was struck until regular petitions to God are introduced before it will in general be taken to the mortuary.

Meanwhile, one of the tenants of the area is represented as having attributed the episode to a potential extraordinary battle that could have followed between the left and someone.

“These things are significant and it happens right when someone is behind it and the setback might have most certainly objected to someone who decided to go the supernatural way,” the inhabitant said.

It is represented that before the episode, the left had a dispute with a competitor whom he forewarned to quit equaling him.

It stays vague accepting that has any association with the event that provoked the death of Dorli.

Last year, a 20-year-old male student of the Hilla Liman Senior High School at Gwollu in the Sissala West District of the Upper West Region was killed by lightning.

The event occurred during profound storm.

The withdrew student, recognized as Master Daana Gbene Mustapha, was a student of General Arts 2E who hailed from Kulfuo in the Sissala East District.

“At about 17:00 GMT on Wednesday when it started raining, the late student was seen in the rain rushing to the dormitory from the classroom when the lightning struck, burning the attire he wore and the rubber bucket he held; killing him instantly,” the Ghana News Agency quoted a source in the Hilla Liman SHS as having recounted.

Adjacent to the withdrew, another female student, Amadu Zenab, in like manner in the General Arts 3A, who was in the quarters during the deluge, got stunned and fainted.

She was taken ownership of the Gwollu Government Hospital where she is represented to answer treatment.

Dr. Yawson Prince Etornam, the Medical Director of the Gwollu Hospital, said that “the shock achieved by the lightning, which provoked the inconsistent heartbeat of the withdrew and finally cardiovascular breakdown.”


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