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Go And Ask, Do You Know What She Did To Me? – Shatta Wale Finally Speaks About Her Mohter’s Saga

Go And Ask, Do You Know What She Did To Me?

Shatta Wale has addressed his mom’s new tirades about his refusal to take special care of her necessities. Shatta Wale’s mom, Madam Elsie, blamed Shatta Wale for leaving her once he became effective.

In a progression of radio meetings, Shatta Mama moaned about her circumstance as she approached Ghanaians to help her. A few remarks on her meeting criticized Shatta Wale for dismissing his mom while visiting abroad in personal luxury planes, blazing loads of cash.

In a video, Shatta cautioned individuals, particularly radio moderators and bloggers, to avoid his family undertakings. Before he wished passing on any individual who has chosen to favor one side regarding this situation, Shatta implied that his mom merits everything happening to her.

“Go on And search very hard to get some information way back about the things my mom has done to me shatta wale and why I am doing this to her. You get future time talk about my mom. Fool! When you don’t give your mom cash, does she circumvent let individuals know that Kweku, doesn’t give me cash? You individuals are extremely dumb. You recently heard something, and afterward you will discuss why Shatta is doing that.

“Individuals who know. What’s more, individuals who get it, comprehend. Assuming you need data about my mom, go to my sibling in Nima. Proceed to ask his mom who my mom is and everything that I have said to him about my mom. Things I have told him about my mom.”

Shatta Wale likewise slipped on industry players. He called them out for accepting ‘lies’ from his mom. He called attention to that the various meetings from Shatta Mama were intended to shame him and make him disagreeable to Ghanaians.

According to Shatta wale, these Ghanaian presenters are actually the reason why the artist are able to put Ghana on the map, the music industry seem to be useless and doesn’t have any positive impact on the artist. You individuals are continuously babbling. You take somebody’s mom, and she’s idiom she doesn’t have anything. So she’s moving from one spot to the next. How about you ask her how she washes and where she dozes prior to coming to you?

Allow me to let you know something, When you don’t get something, don’t bring it. You put my mom on radio and TV, meeting her with the goal that she says she has no place to rest, and you individuals trust those falsehoods,” Shatta finished up.


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