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Shatta Wale Vs Burna Boy Beef [ All The Details]

Shatta Wale Vs Burna

The multiple award winning dancehall artist shatta wale has replied to Burna boy’s allegations towards him.

On his Twitter handle, Shatta wale revealed deep secret about Burna boy on his 7 months stay with him in Ghana.

In his tweets, he discloses what Burna boy called as fake in his life style. Burna boy said he never lived in Shatta’s house and never saw any house of him but always he claims he has many houses in Ghana.

According to Shatta wale’s tweets and I quote ” When I showed you my houses in Ghana, you were asking if all  these were made by music money, kwasiaa boy like you. Don’t get me pissed because I don’t troll like that.

” You are lucky I respect your mother… See what Fame do you.. your boy shalala know how much I have spent on you for 7 months.

” Anogo beat you , ago break your neck… Don’t come to Ghana… You call for this, don’t call police when you step in Ghana.

” Remember my mother doesn’t control my career.. I run my own career, street way, so if your mother deh watch you diss me today and she go forgot I saved you when police were all over in Nigeria searching for you.. Then she too dierr … No wonder I don’t know your father”.

What brought about this beef.

On 26th December, Shatta wale organized a music concert in Nima, Accra and the of performance, he decided to talk about Ghana music industry. Those of you who know how Shatta wale talk with emotions will certainly know what we are talking about. He criticize the industry and Nigeria artist together with their media men for not supporting Ghanaian artists as the Ghanaians do.

Just after the concert, his messages were all over the internet and this got most of the Nigerians talking and expressing their displeasure towards Shatta wale’s words. For some time, Burna boy weren’t responding as everybody was expecting but who knows, he just responded strongly revealing Shatta wale deep secrets and even decided to have a fight with him in a boxing ring. This resulted to their ongoing beef.


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