Home News Soldiers allegedly beat Krobo residents over installation of prepaid metres

Soldiers allegedly beat Krobo residents over installation of prepaid metres

Soldiers allegedly beat Krobo residents over installation of prepaid metres

The military has conflicted with people of Nuaso Old Town in the Lower Manya Krobo district in the Eastern Region in the wake of going with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to introduce prepaid meters.

Something like six people have supposedly been shot by the tactical work force helping the ECG faculty on Monday, August 22, 2022.

Reports expressed that the warriors purportedly shot into a group that was massing up around the group undertaking the disengagement, bringing about the wounds.

It is, be that as it may, muddled what achieved the recharged conflict.

A few inhabitants of Nuaso Old Town claimed that they have been lashed by a portion of the troopers on the job with the ECG.

An occupant called Theresa Laweh said: “I was cooking when they came around, they requested that I get inside, I denied, then, at that point, they started beating me.”

A rancher called Christian Tetteh likewise said, “We are lost for words to what’s going on. I just got back from the shrubbery. They just beat us savagely and removed my cutlass. I have answered to the police and taken clinical structures, this is terrible.”

In the interim. the Assemblyman for the Nuaso Old Town Electoral Area, Samuel Torgbor, denounced the assault and said he was not educated regarding the activity before the group’s appearance.

Nobody has addressed us. They can’t simply come and be doing things since they have power and military,” he indignantly said.

Be that as it may, the Public Relations Officer of the Tema locale of the ECG, Sakyiwaa Mensah, has responded to the occurrence.

In a proclamation, she made sense of that the group of ECG and military confronted opposition in the Old Nuaso people group that the group has removed.

“In Nuaso Old Town, there was obstruction. One lady took steps to pour hot oil on the ECG work force and the Military also,” she expressed.

The Military had the option to get a cutlass from one of the individuals who were hoarding around the ECG public. There have been reports of consistent boisterous attacks and goes after on the work force doing the establishment at Nuaso Old Town. The Team has removed from Nuaso Old Town.”


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