Home Showbiz Stonebwoy is ungrateful – Ayisha Modi blasts Stonebwoy

Stonebwoy is ungrateful – Ayisha Modi blasts Stonebwoy

Stonebwoy is ungrateful - Ayisha Modi blasts Stonebwoy and threatens to expose his secrets

Stonebwoy’s latest meeting with Nana Romeo on Accra FM has started an overflowing between the two previous dear companions and claimed showbiz accomplices.

Preceding their mysterious aftermath, the boisterous fan of the dancehall act has promised on many times that regardless of what happens she won’t ever dislike Stonebwoy.

Ayisha is known for provoking a many individuals via online entertainment yet sworn Stonebwoy is extraordinary.

Indeed, it appears she was unable to stay true to her commitment since she has taken to her IG page to hammer the dancehall maestro for in a roundabout way being discourteous and selfish.

Subsequent to being gotten some information about his ongoing relationship with Ayisha Modi, Stonebwoy completely expressed that there’s no animosity between them.

He continued to talk in stories that Ayisha Modu wasn’t so significant in that frame of mind as she believes Ghanaians should accept by strutting herself as her administrator.

Ayisha Modi who prior guaranteed that she wasn’t tormented nor furious with how Stonebwoy talked about her has turned around in an extremely hazardous way.

Sharing a merry image of herself on the web-based entertainment application, her extensive cation was brimming with conceals at Stonebwoy.

As per her, Stonebwoy shouldn’t fail to remember that she assumed an exceptionally vital part in the beginning phases of his vocation.

She further guaranteed that upon every one of the penances she made for Stonebwoy, she never took a dime from him since she helped him out of affection.

Furious Ayisha Modi refered to Stonebwoy’s self image as the explanation he has headed out in different directions from practically every one individuals who helped him before he turned into a star.

She later encouraged him to be cautious else she would be compelled to release his messy sounds on the web and it’ll go quite far to discolor his well deserved standing.

The “game” has quite recently started and we are sure that in the following couple of days ahead, Ayisha Modi will go all out on Stonebwoy in an exceptionally forceful and untamed way.


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