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These 3 things should be on your finger tips when buying a car in Ghana

These 3 things should be on your finger tips when buying a car in Ghana

 Buying a car is a major choice particularly for first time buyers as a result of the enormous monetary information it needs to settle the score a tolerably valued vehicle in Ghana.

Thusly, such a choice ought to be taken with the best consciousness of what to pay special mind to get the best arrangement, and above all, to try not to get tricked by corrupt car lawbreakers.

My own acquisition of a Ghana utilized vehicle has shown me a great deal about buying such cars, which would have assisted me with staying away from a portion of the difficulties I experienced had I known early.

Activities when buying a car in Ghana

1. Go with an electrical expert as well

The standard counsel when buying a car is that you ought to consistently go with a specialist for examination. One thing that you should know is that, most mechanics who learn through apprenticeship, including some who have gone through conventional preparing are generally absent of how to spot electrical and electronic issues with the car.

Present day cars are loaded with sensors and an imperfect sensor might deliver your involvement in a car’s use heck, assuming the right determination isn’t done and the issue seen on schedule. A decent auto circuit tester will as a rule show up with an OBD indicative machine that will be utilized to examine the car for issues that might get away from the technician.

I discovered the most difficult way possible when a trade-in vehicle I purchased began generally disapproving of motor slows down, fuel utilization and motor wavering because of an exhausted Mass wind stream sensor, a failing chamber and an awful oxygen sensor. These are things just an electronic car scanner can tell you, as for the most part, it won’t deliver that car absolutely unusable however goal issues with effectiveness of the vehicle.

2. Continuously take a look at the undercarriage

It’s no information to us that our streets are awful and such streets negatively affect a vehicle with time. One such impact is rust, which frames an earthy colored stylish hue on the metal pieces of the body. Rust ‘consumes’ metals under the vehicle. A vehicle might have an extremely decent external body yet a much rusted under parts which would require expensive body works.

Checking would assist you with trying not to be sold a difficulty vehicle or assist with diminishing the amount you pay for such a vehicle assuming that you mean to make the essential body fixes.

The most effective way to check this is to eliminate the seats, lift the car carpet and examine for rust and openings. Additionally do a rooftop spillage test to guarantee the rooftop is airtight.

3. Get a guarantee on the motor if possible

One of the most exorbitant pieces of a car to supplant, is the motor. It is thusly basic to ensure the motor of the pre-owned car is healthy and the individual offering the vehicle to you can vouch for its solid activity for somewhere around 90 days after buy.

This should come as a composed and restricting guarantee settlement on the motor, necessitating that the merchant bears the expense should the motor require substitution inside the expressed period from typical use.

A variety of this can be a return for full discount should such an issue be created inside little while of procurement.

Never be under the supposition that each vendor or dealer is real. Getting such an arrangement will essentially shield you from deceitful vendors who will sell you a weak vehicle they need to dispose of. Frequently, a legit vendor or individual vender would consent to such terms on the off chance that they for sure realize the motor isn’t broken. Since the law perceives such arrangements as restricting, you can generally look for legitimate review on the off chance that he/she reneges on the understanding.


There are a plenty of different intentions for ensure your inclinations as a buyer of a pre-owned car in Ghana, since there’s no likeness the US Lemon Law here to shield a buyer from being sold a broken vehicle. The onus is in this manner on the buyer to check and check again to guarantee they get an incentive for their well deserved cash.


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