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Thomas Partey accused of rape by girlfriend after he refused to marry her

Thomas Partey accused of rape by girlfriend after he refused to marry her

Ghanaian international Thomas Partey has gone under serious assault charges by his Moroccan darling Sarah Bella in the wake of turning down the possibility to marry her.

A couple of days ago, the Arsenal midfielder was connected to an assault case including an anonymous premier league player at the North London club.

It is accounted for the supposed assault occurred in June 2022. Partey spent this period in Ghana, and that implies he’s not the supposed sex guilty party as estimated.

In any case, new reports arising propose Thomas Partey’s better half from Morocco is behind the sex charges against him. This is on the grounds that he dismissed her interest to wed her during their outing to Spain.

“Thomas Partey will be acquitted of all allegations since the Crown Prosecution Service pulled out the [email protected] charges against the football player refering to inadequate proof, however it’s not all finished at this point in light of the fact that another lady who additionally dishonestly denounced him is exasperating the circumstance,” an insider said.

It is hazy when the couple went on the outing to Spain, however an insider says Partey has been left in shock that the lady – who constrained him to switch over completely to Islam – could hawk such lies, particularly after he spent near 700,000 British pounds on their excursion.

The source said Thomas Partey has addressed his family to make sense of that the allegations against him are bogus and blamed his accomplice Sarah Bella for making the claims.

As per prior reports previously distributed by SportsBible.com, a charge of assault of a lady in her 20s was accounted for to police on July 4.

The player captured regarding the assault was supposed to be in his 20s and will highlight for his country at the World Cup in Qatar in November.

It isn’t yet affirmed whether Thomas Partey is footballer being referred to.


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