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Top 10 Chelsea Players With The Highest Number Of Goals In History


As well as having a ton of capability front and center, Chelsea have been quite possibly of the best team in Premier League history.


However, who among the Blues has scored the most goals in the opposition? The best 10 scorers for the soccer team Chelsea are recorded underneath:

Willian (37 goals)

An individual from Chelsea’s 2014/15 and 2016/17 title-winning sides, Willian never got into twofold figures for Premier League goals in a season (in spite of the fact that he scored at least five of every four missions).

Yet, he created a lot of important strikes, frequently from fresh – including five straightforwardly from free-kicks.

Nicolas Anelka (38 goals)

Anelka spent pretty much what could be compared to four seasons with Chelsea – and sacked the greater part of his Blues goals in one.

The mission being referred to was 2008/09, when he won the Golden Boot with 19 goals (the second-most reduced winning complete ever) and became one of just 10 players to scoop the honor without scoring a solitary punishment.

John Terry (41 goals)

You won’t see many focus backs this high up clubs’ arrangements of Premier League scorers – however at that point the Premier League has never seen another middle back with the goalscoring ability of Terry.

Captain for each of the five of Chelsea’s Premier League wins, Terry is the second most noteworthy scoring defender in the history of the opposition (behind just Ashley Young, who has spent a lot of his vocation as a winger or wing-back… ).

Diego Costa (52 goals)

Chelsea’s last reliably solid focus forward, Costa scored 20 goals in both the 2014/15 and 2016/17 title-winning efforts.

A bad dream to play against for more than one explanation, the Blues have attempted to supplant the doing combating Brazilian since his caustic re-visitation of Atletico Madrid very nearly four-and-a-half quite a while back.

Eidur Gudjohnsen (54 goals)

Endorsed from second-level Bolton when the new century rolled over, Gudjohnsen was one of the primary men of the Claudio Ranieri period.

The Icelandic symbol finished his Chelsea vocation with two Premier League victor’s awards and completed as the Blues’ second-most noteworthy league scorer behind Frank Lampard in 2004/05.

Gianfranco Zola (59 goals)

Showing up from Parma in November 1996 (indeed, there was a period before move windows), Zola played more games and scored a greater number of goals for Chelsea than some other club.

The little virtuoso gave pleasure to Blues fans for the most amazing aspect of seven years and wrapped up with a twist – denoting his last season at the club, 2002/03, by completing as their top league scorer with 14 goals.

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (69 goals)

Getting back to England in the mid year of 2000 after one season with Atletico Madrid, Hasselbaink got in the Premier League where he had left off with Leeds.

Banging in 23 goals in every one of his initial two missions at Chelsea, the Dutchman won the Golden Boot in 2000/01 (having shared the 1998/99 award) and was simply pipped to it by a solitary goal the next year by Thierry Henry.

Eden Hazard (85 goals)

One of the best players to highlight in the Premier League during the 2010s, Hazard hit twofold figures in five of his seven seasons with the Blues.

His goals were not really more extraordinary than his stunning independent exertion against Arsenal in February 2017, however; the splendid Belgian hoodwinked Laurent Koscielny prior to leaving Francis Coquelin on his rear in transit to raising the Stamford Bridge rooftop.

Didier Drogba (104 goals)

Chelsea’s driving all-time unfamiliar scorer, Drogba carried demolition to Premier League guards – quite a bit of it in two dosages.

The first of those came in 2006/07 as the Ivorian won the Golden Boot (like Anelka, without scoring a punishment) by chalking up 20 goals in a season without precedent for his profession; the second followed three years after the fact, with his 29 goals terminating the Blues to the title and procuring him another Golden Boot.

He just tracked down the net multiple times in a short second spell at Stamford Bridge in 2014/15 – however he actually got his fourth Premier League victor’s decoration.

Frank Lampard (147 goals)

With 177 goals altogether (counting 24 for West Ham and six for Manchester City), Lampard is the Premier League’s top-scoring midfielder by a flat out mile.

Regardless of whether you counted just his Chelsea goals, this genuine Blues legend would in any case rank right external the main 10 – among players in any position.

A unique the like of which we might in all likelihood at no point ever find in the future, Lampard’s 22-goal pull in 2009/10 remaining parts a Premier League for a midfielder; he additionally turned into the first midfielder in the history of the opposition to pack four goals in a game, doing as such against Derby in March 2008.



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