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Top 10 Greatest PSG Players Of All Time

Top 10 Greatest PSG Players Of All Time

PSG has ascended to unmistakable quality lately, and here we investigate the best ten PSG players ever. During the 1980s, PSG started to cause disturbances in the French more elevated levels.

During the 1990s, the Parisiens laid down a good foundation for themselves as an imposing power, winning three French Cups, two French League Cups, two French Super Cups, and the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup.

The club’s fortunes didn’t work on in the mid 2000s. They did, be that as it may, recuperate in 2011. Cash started filling the club in huge numbers once Qatari financial backer Nasser Al-Khelaifi showed up. They immediately procured a few excellent players who governed Europe.

Ricardo Gomes (1991-1995)
Richardo Gomes safeguarded PSG’s backline for 115 matches. The Brazilian was known for his remarkable actual strength and situating capacities. He scored 16 goals across all contests for the Parisians, and some of them came in fundamental matches also.

Thiago Silva (2012-2020)
Considered probably the best protector all around the world, Thiago Silva joined PSG in 2012 from AC Milan. Aside from being areas of strength for genuinely, had all parts of an optimal focal safeguard, including positional sense, solid aeronautical power, endurance and discipline.

His insight into the game was so tremendous he used to decipher circumstances even before they occurred. Silva came out on top for 7 French championships, 5 French Cups, 6 French league cups and 7 French Super Cups. Silva is ninth in our rundown of the main 10 greatest PSG players ever.

Alain Roche (1992-1998)
Alain Roche is another focal protector who became renowned while playing for PSG. Playing 215 matches across all contests for the French team, he drove them to critical title pulls, including 1 French Championship, 3 French Cups, 1 French league cup and 1 Europapokal der Pokalsieger Sieger (European title). Roche’s inheritance has pushed him to the eighth spot in the best 10 greatest PSG players ever.

Marco Verratti (2012-Current)
Marco Verratti has been wearing the PSG shirt for a long while now. Having outstanding control ready, incomparable spilling power and a scope of passing capacity, the Italian has become perhaps the best playmaker of the ongoing time.

Playing 373 matches for the French team, he scored 11 goals and helped 60 more. Verratti’s PSG prize bureau incorporates 7 French championships, 6 French Cups, 6 French league cups, and 8 French Super Cups. Marco Verratti is seventh in the main 10 greatest PSG players ever list.

Youri Djorkaeff (1995-1996)
PSG brought home just a single European championship in their set of experiences; that was the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1996. Youri Djorkaeff assumed a critical part in that mission, scoring 19 goals in 46 matches. He was an adaptable player who worked from midfield and forward positions at whatever point required.

Despite the fact that you wouldn’t observe him in the top scorer or appearance list, his name has become godlike in the set of experiences book as a result of his impact in that one season. Youri Djorkaeff is sixth in the main 10 greatest PSG players ever list.

Dominique Rocheteau (1980-1987)
One of the greatest goalscorers to at any point play for the French team, Dominique Rocheteau succeeded in his job of breaking the safeguard line utilizing his outstanding abilities. The winger scored an aggregate of 87 goals in 221 matches assisting his team with bringing home 1 French Championship and 2 French Cups.

Safet Susic (1982-1991)
Considered one of the most mind-blowing European players during his time, Safet Susic had amazing spilling power and specialized abilities. Working from the going after midfield and second striker job at whatever point required, he checks the crate of a flexible player. Music scored 74 goals and gave eight aids 310 appearances.

He lifted just 1 French Championship and 1 French Cup during his time at PSG. Safet Susic IS fourth in the main 10 greatest PSG players of the untouched rundown.

Ronaldinho (2001-2003)
Indeed, even before Ronaldinho turned into a hotshot in Europe, he entranced the French allies with his stunning abilities. It was the underlying period of Ronaldinho’s profession, yet he actually had an extensive effect scoring 25 goals and giving 17 aids 77 matches. Despite the fact that the Brazilian won nothing with PSG, he gave the fans expect a superior future.

Pauleta (2003-2008)
Pauleta used to wreck rival protections with excellent abilities like portability, shooting power, two-footedness and physicality.

The Portuguese striker played 211 matches in the PSG shirt scoring 109 goals and 16 helps. His commitments assisted the club with getting 2 French cups and 1 French league cup.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (2012-2016)
Considered one of the greatest goalscorers of this age, Zlatan Ibrahimovic took the club to phenomenal levels. Ibra scored 156 goals and gave 61 aids 180 matches. Regardless of leaving the club six years sooner, he stays the top scorer of PSG.

He brought home 4 French championships, 2 French Cups, 3 French league cups and 4 French Super Cups. He stayed a worldwide symbol while playing for PSG, assisting support their income and brand with imaging.


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