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Top 5 Footballers With Most Own Goals In The History Of Football

Top 5 Footballers With Most Own Goals In The History Of Football

It is one of the main things that everything abhors on the field, and defenders are bound to go through it.

Whenever an own goal happens, everyone peers down with dissatisfaction at the player who made it.

Over history, most of their own goals have occurred because of a blunder, while a portion of their own goals are plain slip-ups.

Be that as it may, it is the most horrendously terrible bad dream for a safeguard to get any of them.

Today we investigate the five players who have scored the most own goals in football history.

Richard Dunne, 10 goals

Manchester City fans will always remember Richard Dunne. In his vocation, Dunne played 400+ matches and scored 10 own goals. He additionally shares the record for the most ridiculously red cards (8) with Patrick Vieira and Duncan Ferguson.

It was during 2005-2008 when he was Man City’s player of the time, which made him extraordinary to City fans. In his vocation, there are much more great minutes than a few dull ones, and getting 10 own goals tops them all.

Franco Baresi, 8 goals

Perhaps the greatest player throughout the entire existence of Italian football. Baresi was a piece of AC Milan for 20 long years when he won basically everything.

A fine player who is as yet associated with the things he accomplished for the Rossoneri. A player of his group scored eight own goals in his profession, despite the fact that he scored 20 goals for them as well.

Ricardo Ferri, 8 goals

A vital participant for Inter Milan who was the best player on the pitch during the 1980s. He won the Coppa, Serie A, and UEFA with the Nerazzurri during his vocation.

Sadly, he is likewise the player with the most own goals in Serie A set of experiences. Another protector who scored more against his team than for them.

Martin Skrtel, 7 goals

The fourth individual on this rundown is additionally a Liverpool player. Martin Skrtel was an incredible protector thriving and strikers used to fear going close to him. At different places in his vocation, Skrtel committed grave errors yet had the opportunity to play for them.

In one season, he figured out how to score four own goals, and it took him only five seasons to score seven of them. In spite of committing errors, Skrtel was a decent player and a furious one.

Jamie Carragher, 7 goals

One of the most notable intellectuals in English football, as well as a fine player, scored a couple of too many own goals during his profession. A Liverpool player who has been with the club for a considerable length of time.

In those years, he figured out how to get four goals and seven own goals for them. Carragher is likewise the primary player to net two own goals in a solitary match.


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