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Upon All My Big Certificates, I Wash Cars In USA And Earn 7,000¢ A Week.

Upon All My Big Certificates, I Wash Cars In USA And Earn 7,000¢ A Week.
Man washing his car, close-up

A Ghanaian man has shared his thoughts on the living in Ghana as compared to abroad.

As the saying goes, Education is the key to success. This man initially chose to focus on education and  finally completed University which automatically earning him his first degree. He continued and had his master’s degree but unfortunately he became an integral part of the unemployment association of Ghana. He then decided to travel outside Ghana and see what next in his life.

According to the man, he hustled very hard to get his visa to USA just to go and find something for his family to survive. Fortunately for him , he got a car Washing job immediately he landed in USA and he is now testifying that, the car Washing job is making him a millionaire now.

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According to him, he is earning  $965.52 a week which is equivalent to ¢7,000. He further advised the youth to make travelling to broad be on their priority list because there is a huge difference between the life we live in Ghana and the life they are living in the USA.

We all know how hard it has been for individuals to survive in Ghana, most of the citizens are crying out just for the government to make things easy for them. We must believe that, Rome was not build in a day so definitely it’s a gradual process, very soon, things will change.

According to the surgery thetimesgh.com conducted, about 70% of the Ghanaian population prefer living in abroad than living in this country. 

All your opinions are respected but let’s all unite to build a better country.


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