Home Showbiz VGMA Awards : The Battle For The Artist Of The Year.

VGMA Awards : The Battle For The Artist Of The Year.

VGMA Awards : The Battle For The Artist Of The Year.

The most anticipated award in Ghana, The VGMA, has gotten everyone reacting after releasing the nomination list for the 2021-2022 Vodafone Ghana music awards. With many of the categories raising concerns, one of the categories that everybody is talking about is the ” Artist Of The Year”.

The Nomination List Of The Artist Of The Year This Upcoming VGMA Awards are.

1. King Promise

2. Kuame Eugene

3. Sarkodie

4. Black Sheriff

5. Kidi

6. Joe Mettle

The above listed names are the artists that one must be chosen as the overall artist of the year.

Talking Into Account How Each Of The Above Listed Name Is Capable of Winning The Award.

1. King Promise.

King promise has been outstanding this year. The highlife artist has been keeping his fans on their toes after dropping songs and entertaining them always. King promise according to thetimesgh.com survey is 65% likely to win this award.

2. Kuame Eugene.

The self acclaimed rock star of Ghana music has also been fantastic last year through to this year. After dropping hit after hit to entertain his followers, he also made one big history in the music industry by playing a big part of the just ended O2 Arena concert in London with other stars. He is 70% likely to win this award.

3. Sarkodie.

Sarkodie has been consistent in the music industry for a more than a decade. The super according on line of his verse on ” Married to the game” featuring cassper , says, he is rapping till he’s 80 years, wow that’s amazing. It’s look like the artist is not stopping anytime soon. He’s also been shortlisted as one of the very best year under review. According to thetimesgh.com survey, he’s 75% capable of winning this award.4. Black Sheriff.

One outstanding talent that rised and was making waves in the music industry is Black Sheriff. He has also done enough to contest for the artist of the year. He’s 70% capable of winning this award.

5. Kidi

Kidi the “touch it” hit maker is also shortlisted for the artist of the year award. He has been outstanding after dropping the touch it song which got everyone reacting and happy across the world. According to thetimesgh.com survey, he has 80% chance of winning this award.

6.  Joe Mettle.

One of the best in gospel music in Ghana. He has also done enough to be selected as part of the list of artist who will be looking forward to to win the artist of the year award. He’s 55% capable of winning this award.

Thetimesgh.com , your number one news reporting website in Ghana has done enough to produce this information about the biggest category in the VGMA award but always stand to be corrected. You can drop your comments about the percentages and type vote (Artist name) to vote for your favorite artist who to you is more likely to win this award. 


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