Home Showbiz (Video) Archipelago And Shatta Wale Finally Smoke The Peace Pipe

(Video) Archipelago And Shatta Wale Finally Smoke The Peace Pipe

Archipelago And Shatta Wale Finally Smoke The Peace Pipe

The multiple award winning dancehall artist, Shatta Wale, and his childhood friend Archipelago finally smoke the peace pipe after a long time of misunderstanding between the two.

Shatta Wale travelled to UK with one known artist in Ghana, Medikal for holidays.They made a lot of fun and even organize a show for Ghanaian citizens over there which brought so many questions to be discussed.

Surprisingly, Shatta got a call from Achipelago asking him to forgive him for whatever he has done to him. As a good friend, Shatta Wale responded that he has forgiven him and they started a conversation on their friendship and what at all brought that disintegration.

Both of them were happy and Shatta started asking him the reason why Achipelago did that to him and it was all fun. Shatta begun to explain his relationship with Medikal to him and what even triggered them to release the “stubborn academy” song together.

According to Shatta Wale, nothing can destroy a friendship of over 20 years and that is why they are coming together as friends again.

We wonder how Ghanaians will take this issue and react to it. No Ghanaian thought of this as their beef was intense and full of insults. It got to a time that Achipelago threatened to beat Shatta Wale if he Misbehaves towards him or even an artist in Ghana.

Nothing can destroy a long time friendship and that has demonstrated again between Shatta Wale and Achipelago.


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