Home News (VIDEO) Captain Smart nearly drowns while reporting on Accra floods

(VIDEO) Captain Smart nearly drowns while reporting on Accra floods

Captain Smart nearly drowns while reporting on Accra floods

Outstanding media personality, Blessed Godsbrain Smart, prevalently known as Captain Smart almost suffocates while writing about Accra floods.

Journalists would exceed everyone’s expectations to make their reports worth the time, and maybe grab the eye of the people pulling the strings to act quickly and change the account.

Among others, they would make an effort to illustrate the tremendousness of the circumstance, catch the story with their cameras and in outrageous cases, put themselves in the shoes of casualties by encountering the aggravation while on the spot.

Onua FM’s Captain Smart’s bold endeavor to report from STC yard where the flood had purportedly obliterated records and tables was one that necessary a ‘salvage group’ as it seemed the telecaster could never have removed himself from the flood without help.

As caught by his media house, Captain Smart who wore a white kaftan with definitions on the chest, stalled out and had the water over his stomach level while kneeling down.

Moving consistently to stay away from setback, the writer held a STC transport that had been stopped in the downpour with his left hand and extended forward his right hand for help. He was helped by two men clad in easygoing wear.

Addressing the columnist, a woman accepted to be a staff of STC said “every one of the papers are wet, all the work cards and the tables have been obliterated by the downpour.”

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