Home News (Video) Father accuses Achimota Rasta student of assault

(Video) Father accuses Achimota Rasta student of assault

Father accuses Achimota Rasta student of assault

In a video posted by Accra based Metro TV, Tereo said Tyron had a contention with his sister and as he attempted to mediate, his young child attacked him.

“This is how Tyron has treated my hands, he spoilt his sister’s tablet toward the beginning of today”, he said in the video.

“He had an argument with his sister and I went over to ask him why and he just unplugged his laptop and walked over me and that’s what he has been doing all these years”, Tereo lamented.

Tereo and Tryon Marghuy overwhelmed a ton of media features last year when Achimota School denied the last confirmation as a result of his hair and confidence.

The Marghuys’ prosecuted the matter and won a choice that constrained the school to concede the kid with his rasta.

In any case, regardless of the choice of the court, the Attorney General recorded an allure for turn around the High Court choice.

In a meeting after the allure, Tereo Marghuy said the AG choice depended on sick rationale.

He further said the Old Students Association of the school are behind this new choice to pursue the decision.

In a meeting with Accra based Citi FM, Mr. Marghuy said the allure is poorly spurred, particularly as his child has proactively gotten comfortable the school climate, and has even been recorded among the school’s contender for the yearly National Science and Maths Quiz in two years’ time.

“On the off chance that they had recorded the allure soon after the decision, it would have appeared to be legit, yet presently he [Tyrone Marghuy] has been in the school and they have even added him to the crew for the National Maths and Science Quiz for the following two years… It isn’t exactly alright. I think there are certain individuals in the background who are not working for the school,” he said.

“I’m not astounded in light of the fact that I understood along the line that they will pursue. That misfortune they had was something that they couldn’t take… How could an entire Attorney-General be supportive of the decision and out of nowhere not be agreeable to the decision. I think something is occurring behind the scenes, behind the scene, that makes them figure they ought to go for the allure. That’s what my doubt is, it is the old students in the background [but]. I know most Ghanaians are in support of ourselves,” he said.


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