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(VIDEO) Prisoner on death row shivers as he eats last meal before he’s killed

Prisoner on death row shivers as he eats last meal before he’s killed

A lowering video of a supposed prisoner waiting for capital punishment eating his last dinner before he is killed has arisen and left many individuals in a mindset of trouble.

The video shows the man battling to get the food, which seems, by all accounts, to be rice and beans, as his hands shudder overwhelmingly.

Loaded with dread of the destiny that looks for him after the feast, he is found in the video turning his face discontinuously to watch what resembles officers remaining behind him.

The recording has set off various responses, with numerous web-based entertainment clients communicating trouble and contemplating whether the supposed convict had a hunger for the food or on the other hand assuming he was simply eating for it.

In a connected report, a Ghanaian engine taxi administrator who had been in legal guardianship for north of five years on murder allegations separated in tears after he got away from a capital punishment.

The Criminal Division of the High Court in Accra absolved and released Bright Nana Owusu assumed name Gyamfi and set him free.

The discipline for homicide is capital punishment assuming the culprit is viewed as blameworthy. In any case, as per starfm.com.gh, a seven-part jury board consistently returned a not liable decision to the court on the day of atonement.

Owusu, and another, David Nii Aryee moniker Shainu, prior liberated, were accused of killing one Mohammed Yahaya, at Oboum intersection in Kwabenya in July 2017 following a misconception, the news site reports.

The suspect, who was clearly hoping to be condemned to death, had zero control over his tears after the court managed by Her Ladyship Justice Mary Maame Ekue Yanzuh articulated him liberated from the charges proffered against him by the state.


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