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We Are Going To Introduce E-Feeding Program In Our Schools – Dr. Bawumia.

The Vice President Of Ghana Dr. Bawumia To Launch E-Ticketing Service In Ghana

Dr. Mahamud Bawumia, the vice president of Ghana, has vowed to introduce an e- feeding program one week from now to follow day by day menu in the length and width of the country.

Tending to students, specialists and members during the 70th commemoration festivity of Fijai Senior High School in Takoradi in the Western Region, the Vice President said that he will send off a digitized School Feeding Program one month from now to follow the quantity of students took care of, the menu on regular routine to stay away from future misappropriation of assets of the Program.

He likewise tested the pundits of the public authority that the Akufo-Addo-drove organization is accomplishing such a great deal in the change of the nation and as such the pundits should cease from condemning the adequacy of the digitisation of the School Feeding Program unpredictably.

Dr. Bawumia asserted that as far as digitisation, Ghana is a long ways in front of the created nations and we want to embrace it and foster it further.

We know Ghana is in hard times and we the NPP government will do everything possible to ease the pressure on the citizens and make sure that all the promises we made will surely be delivered.

I know that the school feeding in most of the schools in Ghana are working and we will make sure that we focus on it to make it more exciting.

Again the Vice President unveiled that robots have been fruitful and one week from now the public authority will send off new robot habitats in Afram Plains and Ketekrachi.

He additionally said that Ghana is driving the world in the robot frameworks and presently Ghana merits copying by the west.

Presently individuals are coming to enlist Ghanaians who are into drones, he showed.


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