Home Football ‘ You can’t copy Ronaldo’ – Karim Benzema finally explain why?

‘ You can’t copy Ronaldo’ – Karim Benzema finally explain why?

' You can't copy Ronaldo' - Karim Benzema finally explain why?

Karim Benzema explains how duplicating Cristiano Ronaldo is impossible.

Karim Benzema has partaken in his best individual mission with Real Madrid this season.

The Frenchman is the undisputed competitor for Ballon d’Or this season in the wake of leading Real Madrid to La Liga and Champions League titles.

Benzema verged on breaking Cristiano Ronaldo’s Champions League goal scoring record too however fell two shy of the Portuguese Superstar.

Benzema and Cristiano partook in a wonderful organization during the 9 years they played together at Real Madrid. The Frenchman played supportive role to Cristiano as the Portuguese would always bang immense number of goals.

Ronaldo scored 451 goals in 9 years at Real Madrid and this accomplishment is almost unrepeatable. A lot of players take motivation from the Portuguese Superstar and Benzema revealed he also attempted to duplicate Cristiano.

Talking about Cristiano in a meeting with El Espanol, Karim Benzema said:

“I always liked to watch and observe him, I tried to concentrate on his movements, dribbling, passing, ball handling. I dissected everything from him. I tried to take his things, but then doing the same thing is impossible.”

Benzema conceded although he attempted to duplicate Cristiano’s skills yet doing that was impossible. The Portuguese is widely viewed as the Greatest Player of All Time and obviously it’s difficult replicating Cristiano.

Ronaldo was a be the following once asked in a meeting Cristiano to which he replied:

“No one can be the next Cristiano Ronaldo. There are no doubles in football. The next player will be what he has to be but never the same.”


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