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You Can’t teach me what to do in my music career – Yaw Tog Replies Mr. Logic

You Can't teach me what to do in my music career - Yaw Tog Replies Mr. Logic

Yaw Tog, one of the most talented and upcoming artist in Ghana has expressed his disappointment to Mr logic statement about his music career.

Yaw Tog raised in 2020 and was attracting each and every Ghanaian and even abroad citizens due to his music style and how far his music use to go.

He is just a 19yr old boy and just completed Opoku ware Senior Secondary school in Kumasi. Before completing SHS, he released a song titled “sore” and was a fire.

This song got everyone reacting on almost all the social media platforms. In 5 months later, he released a remix of that song with Kwesi Arthur and Yaw Stormzy from the UK. Within a week, he reached 1 million views on YouTube and every Ghanaian thought that was a breakthrough for the boy to be hitting the ground with only hit songs.

For about 8 months now, yaw Tog has release a single song and wasn’t a hit as everyone was expecting and from there, he hasn’t release a song again.

Mr. Logic who is a radio journalist and a music producer open up on the declining moment of yaw Tog music career. According to Mr logic, yaw Tog music career is dead and this can be as a result of Ghanaians over hipping him.

This statement got everyone reacting especially the Tog fans and was not really happy with him.

Just recently, Yaw Tog got a chance to also express his view on Mr logic statement and he said that ” nobody can tell me how and what to do, my music career is not dead and I will bounce back stronger” said Yaw Tog.

This story is trending too much on the social media and Ghanaians are reacting to it. Drop your comments about this issue.


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