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“You Don’t Have To Be Keeping Wild Animals Home”- Residents Of Wonder world estate cry over chedder’s two tigers kept at home


The presence of two tigers in Wonder World Estates, Avenue Lincoln, close to the British High Commission at Ridge in Accra, has frightened a few local people.

The estate is believed to be claimed by business investor Nana Kwame Bediako, otherwise called Freedom Jacob Caesar.

Inhabitants guarantee that the presence of tigers in the local causes them to feel hazardous.

As per Daily Guide sources, local people’s endeavors to convince the office’s proprietor or organization to eliminate the tigers have been inadequate, as their objections are oftentimes gotten with forceful responses.

“The creatures smell,” as per a few inhabitants.

"You Don't Have To Be Keeping Wild Animals Home"- Residents Of Wonder world estate cry over chedder's two tigers kept at home

Those creatures are kept in lofts with no admittance to regular light or natural air. One property holder asserted, “an extremely foul aroma radiates from them when the entryway is opened.”

“They are opened promptly in the first part of the day and afterward sent inside around 10 a.m.,” another inhabitant added. They pee and poo on the floor. They additionally produce commotion, which keeps us conscious around evening time. “

“Neither sedatives nor adequate preparation is accessible.” No one knows what might befall us in case of a disagreeable circumstance,” moaned about another.

As indicated by the occupants, the creatures have been available since November of last year, when they were offspring, and they had trusted that the creatures would be shipped to a proper foundation after a short time allotment, yet that was not to be.


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